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dimanche 9 mars 2014

African brothers Do you know who is inviting you to meet in our country on March 11?

Certainly, it is under the auspices of the Organization of African Trade Union Unity (OATUU) that you will meet on March 11th in Algiers, but your host is no other than Sidi Said, UGTAGeneral Secretary. Yet what do you know in fact about Abdelmajid Sidi Said?
- Do you know that your host has reigned supreme over his organization without ever having been democratically elected? In fact, He has managed himself in every UGTA congress to be elected to great "applause" by a room where ruling politicians outnumbered trade unionists.
- Do you know that since the last UGTA congress in 2008, the National Executive Committee, which is the decision making body between two Congresses, met only once, in December 2008, and since then Sidi Said has reigned as a single master over this organization with the active and declared support of the highest state officials?
- Do you know that under the bylaws, the UGTA current board is illegitimate, and this has been for almost a year and a half?
- Are you aware of Abdelmoumene Khalifa’s famous trial in 2007, the young Algerian businessman who embezzled more than three billion dollars from the Algerian state? In this still ongoing trial, Sidi Said testified and admitted having been convicted in 2002 of "forgery and the use of forgeries", allowing the swindler to misappropriate millions of dollars of workers' money deposited in social Securityfunds?
- Do you know that the British authorities have extradited this crook whose case is soon to be reexamined by the Algerian Justice and Sidi Said is now likely to be heavily charged and convicted for the facts that he had already admitted in court?
- Finally, you cannot ignore that for many years Sidi Said hasexposed with great constancy any strike in our country and stood up for whatever government policies?
- You certainly know that the UGTA,which is in serious violation of its own Constitution, has been since 1999, an adamant supporter of Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s candidacy to the Presidency of the Republic, with the only difference this time, is that the outgoing President is an elderly man, seriously ill and paralyzed, and whose countrymen have not heard him nor seen him standing for nearly two years.
- Those of you, who are coming to our countrywithin a few days, will see by themselves the extent of popular discontent about this candidacy, Sidi Said supports,to presidential elections, which are going to be organized in unconstitutional conditions.
The reality is that Sidi Said feels obliged to offer services to the current rulers in Algeria hoping to avoid the trial waiting for him. No longer credible inside the country, rejected by workers, forced by ITUC to leave the ILO Board in 2011, he kept pouring his criticisms of these two organizations, as he thought he could use OATUU to oblige them to disregard the complaint filed by SNAPAP against the Algerian government for violations of International LaborConventions.
Will OATUU, which is invited to Algiers in a highly critical pre-election context, and two other organizations, ICATU and FSM - both for their support of dictatorships in southern countries - accept to be manipulated by Sidi Said? Will ICATU enable him to be offered an international stand to support the white coup that is looming in the horizon of our country? We will see in the coming days.
Given the seriousness of what is happening in our country, the people of Algeria are fully alert; they observe and won’t forget.
                                                 Algerian Network for Independence of Unions

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